Why Isn't Your Air Conditioning Cooling And What Can You Do?

Your air conditioning may not be as cool as it typically is, and that could be a problem. If your air conditioning doesn't feel very cool, it could simply be because it's hotter outside and you may need to adjust your thermostat, or it may be too humid in your home, which means you may need to use some of the fans in your home to remove some of the humidity. If your home is still hot, it could be an issue with your air conditioner. Read on for some troubleshooting tips to help you.

Check For A Refrigerant Leak

You could have a refrigerant leak in your air conditioning system, which may result in an issue with your air conditioning system not being able to cool your home properly. If your air conditioner doesn't have refrigerant, it may be because you have a leak in your refrigerant line. You may be able to check if you have a leak by using soap bubbles on the line and looking for bubbles. If there are bubbles, you more than likely had a leak and most of the refrigerant has already escaped. You will need a new line and a refrigerant recharge. Both of these things will need to be done by a professional HVAC technician.

Clear Around Your Condensing Unit

Clear the area around your condensing unit to be sure there isn't a blockage of air going to your unit. If the exterior condensing unit has anything growing too close to it, it could block the flow of air. If there is anything on the top of the unit, or leaning against it, you should remove it to be sure you have proper airflow. You need to have at least a few feet of clearance all the way around your unit, or you won't have a good airflow and you may end up with warm air instead of cool air inside of your home.

Adjust The Thermostat

As the air outside gets hotter, it may cause the inside of your home to heat up. It may be more difficult for your air conditioner to cool your home as it once did. You can attempt to adjust the thermostat to a lower temperature to cool your home, but this may cause your air conditioner to over-run as it tries to keep up with the temperature. 

If these things did not do anything to repair your air conditioning system, you may need to hire a professional HVAC technician to make the necessary repairs to your system to cool your home. Talk to a contractor about AC repair.

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