Get Your Central Air System Cleaned Up To Celebrate Spring

Spring is finally here and warmer days are ahead. While it might not yet be warm enough to turn on your central air, this is a good time to start performing some AC maintenance to ensure your system is cleaned up from the long winter and ready to go once the temperature outside heats up. Here are some tips to get your central air AC system up and running now that spring is here. 

Open and Clean the Outdoor Unit

Your outdoor unit probably got a bit dirty last fall and winter, especially if you did not have the unit covered up to protect it from the elements. Unplug the unit to start and then take off its outer cage to expose the evaporator and condenser coils as well as any fan blades. Remove debris like dirt or leaves that got in there over the previous months. You should also make sure the area around the outdoor unit is equally free of debris so the unit has room to take in air.

Start Things Up With a Fresh Filter

Once things are cleaned up, it's time to make sure your central air unit can properly filter the air it's trying to cool. Put in a fresh filter or clean your reusable one before you use your AC for the first time in late spring or early summer. A clogged air filter will make your air conditioner run much less efficiently and drive up your energy costs.

Top Off the Refrigerant

Your central air unit also needs refrigerant to be at the right level if you want your AC to get the job done. It's possible your refrigerant level is low if you never topped it off last summer. There could also have been an issue that developed over the previous months of cold weather. Check the refrigerant and put some more in if needed. If you have a more severe issue like a leak, contact a professional.

Handle Loose Connections or Corrosion

Before you plug your outdoor unit back in, check all electrical components and make sure everything is as tight as it should be. You should also look for any corrosion that may have developed over the cold and wet winter. Tighten and clean once again as necessary to ensure there are no failures once you get the AC up and running again.

Hire an Expert to Look Things Over

If the above seems like more than you can handle, there's no shame in hiring a professional to assist with these AC maintenance tasks from the beginning. Contact a local HVAC service to learn more about AC maintenance.

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