The Parts Of Your Air Conditioner A Residential AC Technician May Service During Spring Maintenance

A residential AC is usually made up of a condenser and an air handler. That means you have two pieces of equipment to maintain. One is outdoors and the other is inside. The exception is if you have a heat pump and instead of ducts, the cool air blows out of blowers on the wall. In that case, you have to maintain the condenser outside and the blower units indoors. A good time to do this maintenance is in the spring. Here's an overview of the parts a residential AC service may inspect, clean, or service.

The Fuses, Wiring, And Control Board 

The contractor may check the disconnect box that is between the electrical panel and the condenser. The box has fuses that can blow and keep your AC from working. In addition, they may check the wiring in the condenser to make sure it hasn't been gnawed by mice over the winter.

They may check the control board and wiring in the air handler and the thermostat. A quick check to look for damaged and loose wires could save your AC from having a breakdown later in the summer.

The Condenser Fan And Compressor

The condenser has a refrigerant coil, contactor, capacitor, fan, fan motor, and compressor. These parts may be checked and serviced. If a part like a capacitor or a contactor is bad, it may be replaced. In addition, the condenser itself may need to be cleaned if the fans are clogged with grass and other debris.

The Copper Refrigerant Line

The residential AC repair technician can check the refrigerant with a gauge to make sure it's holding pressure. If the reading indicates the level of refrigerant is low, the technician has to hunt for a leak. Unless the copper line was damaged, the level should always stay the same.

The Blower And Evaporator Coil

The air handler is where the evaporator coil is located that makes cool air for your home. The technician may check that it isn't coated with dust, and if it is, they may clean it so the coil doesn't freeze over. The blower, capacitor, and blower motor are also in the air handler. The blower may need to be cleaned and the blower motor should be serviced so it's ready for a summer of running to keep your home cool.

Ducts Or Blowers

The AC technician may also check the ducts to make sure rodents didn't cause damage to them over the winter. If a duct is ripped, it needs to be repaired so cool air won't blow out in your attic and be wasted.

If you have a heat pump with blowers instead, the contractor will service each blower to make sure all the blowers and remotes work properly.

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