What Tasks Are Included In Professional AC Tune-Up?

When the temperatures soar in summer, you'll need the air conditioner to keep the home cool. But, this AC unit cannot function efficiently if it's not in good shape. An excellent way to restore its functionality before the hot weather starts is to seek an AC tune-up service. 

The professional you hire will perform several tasks to ensure the air conditioner functions effectively all summer. Air conditioning service prevents common breakdowns and ensures that the system uses minimal energy, lessening your bills. Here's what is included in a professional AC tune-up.

Examine the Coil

One part the technician has to check is the evaporator coil. They will remove the panel to inspect this part thoroughly. The coil's function is to absorb heat. So, once warm air passes through, it will be cooled and redirected back into the house. If this component is frozen, dirty, or damaged, the AC system will have issues. The HVAC technician will look for signs of buildup and damage and fix any problems so the AC system functions correctly.

Assess the Blower Motor

Your AC unit's blower motor draws air inside the house and pushes it toward the evaporator coil. While tuning up the AC unit, the HVAC contractor will examine the motor's condition to ensure its functioning properly. They'll clean the component and test its performance.

Evaluate the Condenser Unit

The air conditioner condenser is also examined during maintenance. The specialist will check if it's level or corroded. Then, they will clean it and review the functionality of the fan.

Inspect the Thermostat

Although the air conditioner's functionality depends on many components, everything starts with the thermostat. The pro will test, and adjust the internal wiring to ensure this component functions correctly. Sometimes, they recalibrate the thermostat or get new batteries to make sure you don't have issues with the air conditioner settings.

Scrutinize the Refrigerant 

Another thing the pro will check is the refrigerant levels. The AC unit will struggle to meet the cooling needs if the level is low. Too little refrigerant will affect the cooling process and efficiency. So, when they notice that the quantity of refrigerant isn't adequate, they'll recommend the best solution.

Examine the Drain Pan

A drain pan sits below the coil in the indoor AC unit. Its function is to collect all the moisture that drips off a coil to ensure the other parts of the AC unit aren't damaged by the residual moisture. However, if the pan has mold, dirt build-up, or isn't positioned correctly, the AC system will malfunction. A professional AC system maintenance technician can examine and fix any of the issues they find.

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