How To Tell Your AC Thermostat Is Faulty

An air conditioner utilizes various components to deliver an average cooling output. This includes the indoor and outdoor unit as well as a thermostat. In this case, a thermostat facilitates indoor climate control, allowing you to set the temperature to your desired degree. However, like all electric devices, your thermostat may wear down over time, causing it to malfunction. When this happens, your system may fail to turn on, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere. Below are signs your thermostat is bad.

Not Responsive To Temperature Changes

If you notice your thermostat is not responding to changes in temperature, it could be faulty. In some cases, this could result from a wrong thermostat placement, such as mounting it on a wall facing your home's exterior. Similarly, placing the thermostat near heat-emitting sources, such as your kitchen, may cause inaccurate temperature detection. As a result, the device will not instruct the system to run cooling cycles as it detects the temperatures on these surfaces. Therefore, you should relocate your thermostat to an area without a direct heat source for accurate temperature control.

The AC Keeps Running Constantly

When your system runs non-stop, the thermostat could be the culprit. This could be due to miscalibration, causing it to send the wrong signals to the AC. On the other hand, the wiring within the thermostat can deteriorate over time from normal wear and tear. Ultimately, this causes the relays to stick, preventing the opening and closing of electrical circuits. You should know that stuck relays prevent the thermostat from communicating with the system, causing it to run non-stop. 

The AC Will Not Turn On

A faulty thermostat will hinder your cooling system from operating. This is because dust and grime may cause corrosion on the thermostat's sensor, preventing it from detecting temperatures. In addition, loose wiring on the thermostat may prevent signal transmission to the AC, rendering it inoperable. If this is the case, the only remedy is replacing your old thermostat to restore your unit's seamless operation. 

No LED Display

If your thermostat display goes blank, the batteries powering it could be dead. More so, a tripped float switch may cut power to the thermostat, hence a blank display. Finally, an old thermostat accumulates a lot of wear and tear over time, reducing its operational efficiency. This results in the thermostat going blank as it cannot accurately detect temperatures and transmit signals.

You must note that a faulty thermostat will affect energy efficiency and spike your utility bills. Therefore, it is wise to schedule regular tune-ups with an AC service specialist to ensure all components are running as they should.

Reach out to an air conditioning services contractor to learn more.

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