3 Reasons Why Your Furnace's Air Filter Needs Regular Changes or Cleaning

If you've recently become a homeowner for the first time, you're probably experiencing a mixture of pride and nervousness. It's natural to be proud when you buy your first home, but it's also natural to be nervous because now you'll be responsible for routine household maintenance tasks such as changing or cleaning the air filters on your furnace on a regular basis instead of depending on your landlord to arrange to have this done.

Depending on the type of furnace you have, it will either have a permanent air filter that requires cleaning on a regular basis. No matter what type it is, it can cause serious problems with the HVAC unit if it's allowed to become dirty are clogged. Following are three reasons why changing or cleaning the air filter should be a part of your regular furnace maintenance schedule. 

Dirty Filters Decrease Air Flow

Clogged or dirty air filters reduce overall airflow, causing the circulation fan in your heating system to work harder than it has to deliver heat to your home interior. When this happens, all that extra work your furnace does goes directly to your utility bill. If you've recently experienced an unexplained jump in heating costs, check the air filter on your furnace.

Dirty Filters Decrease Household Air Quality

Keep in mind that an air filter's job is to capture dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and mildew spores, and other airborne particulates. If the filter gets too dirty, these particulates will be distributed throughout your home via the blowers on your furnace. This can have disastrous results, especially if mold and mildew spores are part of the picture because they'll land on damp spots in your home and rapidly begin to multiply. Not only are many people allergic to mold and mildew, but their colonies can damage wood and fabric surfaces. 

Dirty Filters Can Damage Your Furnace

A clogged or dirty air filter will cause the interior of your furnace to heat up, and this can damage the unit's internal parts such as the pressure switches, fan, valves, and heat exchanger. A heat exchanger that becomes cracked poses an increased potential for increasing the production of carbon monoxide, which can risk the health and safety of household occupants. In extreme cases, a dirty air furnace can trigger a household fire.

Contact Your Local Heating Contractor for More Information

Scheduling regular maintenance visits with your heating contractor is an excellent way to ensure that all parts of your furnace, including its air filter, are good to go once seasonal temperatures begin to drop. The technician can give your furnace a tuneup, change or clean the air filter, and inspect it carefully for worn parts that need replacement.

For more information, contact a heating contractor in your area.

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