Services Offered With Annual AC Contractor Visits

If you've ever wondered why it's so important for you to have your air conditioning serviced every year, then you should learn more about what's involved with routine servicing. Once you have more of an understanding of the things servicing includes, it may become clearer to you. Here are three things air conditioning servicing includes that are critical to its performance: 

1: The system will be checked for mechanical problems

When the technician comes to service your air conditioner, they will check over the various components to make sure everything looks okay. They will also run the system to hear how it sounds since certain noises can be indicative of different types of problems. The technician will also have a thermometer they hold up to the vents to make sure the temperature coming out of the vents is correct for the setting that is on the thermostat. 

2: Some components will be cleaned and others checked for dirt

Another thing that the air conditioning technician will do when they come out to annually service your system is make sure that it's clean. There can be dirt and grime that builds up in certain areas that can be problematic. It's up to you to make sure the air filter gets replaced with a new one when dust has accumulated on it. However, there are many other areas where dirt can gather and some of these take a technician to look into and clean for you. For example, there can be a buildup of grime on the fins and coils that they may clean for you. Most of this can be done on the annual service call. However, if they determine there is something like excessive dust or mold in the ducts, then this can require an additional call. 

3: Issues with leaks and condensation will be looked for

The technician will look for water-related issues, such as leaks in the system. Also, there is a condensation drain that needs to stay clean. If it gets clogged, there can be problems with water damage later on due to the condensation running over. Also, when the drain is clogged, it can prevent your air conditioner from turning on due to a safety measure that's built into the air conditioning system. The technician can check this part of the system during the annual service call and make sure it is clean as well.

For assistance, reach out to an AC service.

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