Tips For Replacing Your Old Air Conditioner

Is your current air conditioner on its last legs? If it's not worth putting more money into repairs and you know you need a brand new air conditioner to keep you cool this coming summer, you'll want to take some time to make sure you make the right decision before committing to your purchase. Here are some tips to keep in mind when thinking about an air conditioning replacement.

Do You Need a Window Unit Replaced or Is This the Time to Make the Upgrade to Central Air?

Are you still using one or more window units throughout your house? Have you thought about a switch to central air in the past but never pulled the trigger? This time around could be the perfect opportunity to provide a more even distribution of cooled air throughout your entire house. If you do want to stick with a window unit, that's fine as well, but consider the pros and cons of both options and perhaps consult a local air conditioning contractor for advice.

Make Sure the Unit or System You Select Will Be Effective and Cost Efficient for Your House Size

Regardless of whether you go with central air or window units, every homeowner wants to make sure their house remains as comfortable as possible while also keeping their electric bill down. If you have not upgraded your A/C in many years, you will likely find that modern options are much more energy-efficient. But you should also use this opportunity to make sure you are getting a unit or system with enough oomph behind it to comfortably and evenly cool every section or room of your house.

Contact a Local Professional to Clean, Upgrade, or Provide Additional Maintenance As Needed

The best way to go about an air conditioning replacement is to reach out to a local installer or contractor for more information. You may also want to use this opportunity to adjust or clean other parts of your home that might be a part of your overall A/C system. For example, if you need a new outdoor unit for your central air, use this opportunity to have your contractor also clean out your air ducts in order to ensure maximum efficiency and less dust throughout your home. In some cases, the air conditioning installer may even be able to haul away your old air conditioning unit for recycling. You can also talk to them about setting up a long-term maintenance plan to make sure your new unit or system enjoys a long lifespan.

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