2 Important Reasons Your Air Conditioning Equipment Needs Annual Maintenance Services

When you get a new air conditioner put in, you don't just let it run and forget about it. You'll want professional air conditioning services on an annual basis, and maybe even more often than that. It could be a condition of your warranty that you have an annual tune-up by a licensed AC technician. Here's why regular service is so important.

1. Your AC Could Be Leaking Refrigerant

If your AC has a large and fast refrigerant leak, you'll know about it right away because your AC won't cool your house down once the refrigerant gets low. However, if the leak is through a pinhole and refrigerant loss is slow, the leak could go on a long time before you realize something is wrong.

The problem with a slow leak is that your AC is not working optimally during this time. Your air conditioner may need to run longer to reach the thermostat shut-off temperature, and that means your electricity bills will start climbing. By the middle of the summer, you may notice your home is warm and stuffy, and your electricity bills are breaking your budget.

One of the important air conditioning services you have done during a tune-up is checking the level of refrigerant. If a slow leak is found, the technician can take care of it before your AC ices over or other unpleasant consequences develop with the HVAC equipment.

2. The Air Handler Could Be Getting Dirty

One of the air conditioning services that may not seem all that important is cleaning the equipment. However, clean equipment is essential for the proper working of your air conditioner. Dirty equipment—especially a dirty filter—can restrict airflow or make it difficult for parts to work.

One of the parts in the air handler that can get dirty and dusty is the blower. If the blower gets too dusty, it might be harder to spin, and that wears down the motor, and may even cause the motor to burn out. Another part in the air handler that has to stay clean is the evaporator coil. If it gets too dirty, ice might form on it. If the motor burns out or ice forms, you'll need AC repairs right away. You can avoid these problems through regular maintenance from a licensed technician.

A technician does a lot of other things when they make an annual visit for a tune-up. Annual maintenance keeps your AC in top condition, and it might even help your air conditioner last longer, which means you can put off investing in new equipment again for as long as possible.

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