What Can Cause Your Air Conditioning Unit To Leak?

You might have noticed that your air conditioning unit is leaking water or some other fluid, whether it's doing it inside your home or outside, near the unit. You probably know that you need to hire a professional to address the issue soon, but you might be at least somewhat curious about what is causing your unit to leak in the first place. These are some common examples of things that can cause your air conditioning unit to leak.

Your Drain Line Is Clogged

As the air from inside your home circulates through your air conditioning unit, dust and debris can be carried into the unit. Over time, this debris can find its way into your drain lines, which can prevent water from running out of your drain line like it's supposed to. If this happens, then water can back up and leak all over the floor. Typically, when this happens, an air conditioning technician will flush out the drain line until water can flow through it like it's supposed to. In the future, having your air conditioning unit cleaned frequently enough and replacing your AC air filters like you're supposed to can help prevent this problem from happening again.

Your Drain Line Is Disconnected

Sometimes, things happen and cause drain lines to become disconnected. This can cause a big mess, so if you have noticed a serious water leak from your unit, this could be the issue. A professional can either reattach your existing drain line securely, or they might replace it, depending on why the line became disconnected in the first place.

There's a Hole in Your Drain Line

Over time, drain lines can become damaged. If there is a hole in your drain line, a small leak can occur. When this happens, the best thing for you to do is to have your drain line replaced completely with a new one.

There's a Refrigeration Leak

Even though many leaks that you see coming from an air conditioning unit are typically water leaks, this is not always the case. It is possible for your air conditioning unit to leak refrigeration. This could happen if you have a damaged refrigerant line, for example. This will not cause a liquid leak, but it can still cause problems. After all, when refrigerant gases are released into the air, it can impact the environment. Plus, you have to worry about your air conditioning unit not cooling like it's supposed to, either.

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