The AC Freeze Up: Potential Repair Issues To Consider

While your air conditioning system's purpose is to produce cold air, it should not create layers of frost or ice on any of the components. Homeowners who find that their AC system is not producing the normal level of comfort while also noting the presence of ice or frost in the condenser area or on the surface of the coils that contain refrigerant may be facing one or more of the following repair issues. 

Interruption in the Flow of Air Through the System

In order to work correctly, air conditioning systems must be able to move large quantities of air throughout a complicated system of vents, ducts and cold air returns. The blower assembly is the component responsible for performing this work to move the air throughout the home each time the thermostat tells the AC system to cycle on. Damage, blockages or changes to the blower, vents, ducts or cold air returns is one of the most common reasons for an interruption in the flow of air capable of causing icing or a layer of frost to form on air conditioning components. 

If the problem is related to a collapsed section of duct or the blockage of a vent or cold air return, the AC system will not be able to move enough warm air through the system. This loss of air flow can make icing occur on the coils that carry the refrigerant. Problems related to the blower assembly, such as a failing motor or a problem with the capacitor also cause air flow to stop or be lessened enough to allow ice or frost to form in the condenser area or on the surface of the refrigerant coils. 

Leaks That Reduce the Level of Refrigerant 

Another reason for air conditioning systems to experience the formation of ice or frost and work less efficiently is when refrigerant levels become too low for the mechanical components to function normally. In many cases, these refrigerant leaks occur through tiny holes holes in refrigerant lines or through a faulty connection. To correct refrigerant leaks, air conditioning service technicians must first locate the leak, repair it and then restore the proper amount of coolant to the system. 

No matter the reason, ice or frost formation on residential air conditioning components can be a sign of a serious repair issue. Homeowners who experience this type of AC freeze up will need to turn their system to the off position and refrain from using it until it can be inspected and repaired by a reputable air conditioning repair service. 

For more information about air conditioning, contact an HVAC contractor in your area.

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