How Often Should You Clean Your Central AC Supply and Return Vents?

Air conditioner vents play a critical role in the functioning of a central AC system. Supply vents blow conditioned air into the indoor spaces, while the return vents pull air out of the rooms and send it to the central cooling system. These vents balance the air pressure in the indoor spaces and filter out debris. If they are dirty and obstructed, they can affect the functions of the entire system.

Cleaning your AC vents enhances the efficiency of the system. There is no standard timeline for cleaning your vents, and you can do it as often as necessary. Below are some instances when you should clean your central air supply and return vents.

After a Home Remodel

Home renovations can generate a lot of dust that settles on the surfaces. When you switch on your air conditioner, the dust and pollutants will get trapped in the vents and ducts. Failure to clean the vents and ductwork will lead to poor air quality in your home. You may also notice an increase in allergy symptoms among household occupants. Therefore, clean your supply and return vents and AC ducts after completing renovations

After Acquiring a Furry Pet

Furry dogs and cats shed hair and fur. As your return vents pull air out of the rooms, they pull out the pet hair as well. The hair may settle inside the vents or in the ducts. Over time, it accumulates and blocks the vents. This obstruction can affect the operations of the entire cooling system. Besides polluting the air, the hair may obstruct airflow in the vents and cause air pressure issues. Therefore, if you have furry pets, you should clean your vents a few times annually to maintain air quality.

If You Notice Dust on the Vents

A visual inspection of your vents can reveal dust and other contaminants in the system. Carefully remove the cover on your vents and inspect them. Are the vents covered in dust? Are the visible parts of the ductwork dusty? If you see dust in your ducts, vents, and vent covers, it is time to clean your system.

Monitor how long it takes for your vents to get dusty again. If they appear dirty after a few months, inspect your ductwork for leaks. Leaking ducts can allow dust into your AC system. As the vents blow air into the room, the dust gets trapped behind the vent covers or filters. Failure to seal the affected ductwork will lead to air quality issues in your home.

Some households clean their vents every year, while others do so after two to three years. If you notice an increase in dust, pollen, and pet hair in your home, contact air conditioner vent cleaning services. 

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