Common Signs That Your Boiler Needs To Be Repaired Right Away

One of the most vital components of your home's heating system is the boiler. Unlike a furnace that keeps your house warm by supplying heated air, the boiler utilizes hot water to ensure that your radiators continue running properly throughout the winter season. When your boiler begins to break down, the consequences can be devastating for your home, especially during the coldest months of the year. For this reason, it's important for you to recognize the signs that your boiler needs some attention and care. The list below describes a few of the major indicators that tell you when to call in a boiler repair contractor to repair your boiler.

1) Your water does not stay hot or takes a long time to get warm.

An early symptom of a boiler issue is little to no hot water in your home. You may notice that it takes several minutes for the water flowing from the tap to turn hot. The water may also feel warm for only a few seconds before it runs cold again. If you encounter this problem, your boiler likely needs to be fixed, so reach out to a boiler repair contractor as soon as possible. The contractor can diagnose the root cause of the trouble and make any necessary repairs. For instance, a skilled technician can reset everything back to the proper temperature if the thermostat settings have accidentally been knocked offline. A lack of hot water could also mean that there is a blockage of water, or airlock, in your boiler. When air gets stuck somewhere in the boiler system, the hot water is not able to reach its destination. Your boiler repair contractor can clear this obstruction without difficulty. 

2) Pools of water have formed near the boiler.

While you are checking over your boiler, look for puddles beneath the tank. Even a small accumulation of water near the unit could indicate a big problem. When you spot a leak, call your boiler repair technician promptly, as leaks are often the result of corrosion inside the tank. This excess water can cause serious damage to the surrounding walls, floors, and electrical components, so you should get help as soon as you see unexpected moisture by the boiler. A repair service will determine the extent of the damage and make repairs to any faulty parts or pumps that have worn down from normal operation. The contractor can also tell you if the boiler needs to be replaced completely to prevent additional leakage or problems with the system later.

3) Your monthly energy bills are higher than usual.

Another tell-tale sign that your boiler needs to be repaired is a high energy bill. When something in the boiler is broken, the unit is forced to work extremely hard to get the job done. Consequently, your home's energy usage will increase. Rising energy bills could be due to damaged motors or valves, old parts that need to be upgraded, or a bad thermostat. Examine your meter readings from one month to the next, and contact a repair contractor if the numbers seem elevated. This is particularly important because a boiler that is utilizing too much gas could pose dangerous health hazards to you and your family. 

If you ever notice any of these signs of a problem with your boiler, don't hesitate to call a boiler repair contractor to take a look. With a bit of work, your boiler will be ready to keep your home warm exactly when you need it the most.

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