Plumbing Repairs That Radiant Systems Need During Cold Weather

The historically low temperatures may have you turning your heating up, which can cause wear. The plumbing of your radiant heating system is most likely to have problems during these times. This is caused by the system straining to provide heating to your home. The following plumbing services problems are issues you may have to deal with if you rely on radiators for heating.

Flushing the System to Deal with Calcium Buildup

The system can have a lot of problems due to calcium buildup. These are the mineral deposits that buildup on parts, which can cause wear and damage. Therefore, your system may need to be flushed when this debris causes issues with your heating performance. The pipes and radiators need to be flushed to remove the mineral deposit from the system. This will ensure there is good circulation through the system.

Repairing a Failing Heating System Water Pump

The boiler of your heating system uses a simple water pump to circulate water through the radiators. Sometimes, the pump is integrated into the boiler or connected to the pipes that feed the radiators. Some times this pump can fail and need repairs, including:

  • Electrical wiring problems with the pump
  • Damaged turbine or impeller
  • Issues with the motor that powers the pump

The worst problem you may have with the water pump is the motor failing and needing replacement.

Issues with Boilers That Need Attention

There may also be issues with the components inside the boiler. This is often due to issues with the buildup of carbon deposits in the boiler's burner or tubes. Cleaning the boiler as part of your maintenance routine will prevent these problems, but sometimes it is not enough. There may be repairs that your burner or boiler tubing needs, including:

  • Replacing a damaged ignition system
  • Repairing heating elements that fail
  • Issues with boiler tubing that need repairs

The issues with your boiler can cause it to have problems with the temperature. Therefore, you want to make sure to have it cleaned regularly to avoid these problems that often need to be repaired.

Problems with the Pipes That Feed Radiators  

The pipes that feed radiators can also be a problem during the winter weather. Since they are not used for the rest of the year, winter can be a time when you notice more problems. Some of the problems you may have with pipes include:

  • Issues with leaks at connections
  • Faulty pressure release valves
  • Issues with dented and damaged pipes

The plumbing repairs that you need during the winter months may have more to do with your heating system than anything else. Therefore, you want to make sure these pipe issues are taken care of quickly.

The problems with boilers often start out as minor issues that need to be repaired before they grow. Contact a plumbing repair service for help fixing these issues before they cause problems this winter.

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