Know When to Call for Drain Cleaning Services to Prevent Damage to Your Home

Drains throughout your home will get periodically clogged. The issue can come on slowly, or a clog can be caused because something that didn't fit down your drain was flushed. You might notice that the water draining from your sink or toilet is going too slow, or a smelly odor is coming from your drain. While you should have your drains tested and cleaned every two years on a routine schedule, you should also call for help when you notice issues with the way your drains are working.

A slow-moving drain can be indicative of a systemic problem with your plumbing system or signify that you have a localized clog that needs to be fixed.

Why Drain Cleaners Aren't Really Helpful

While you can try a bottle of drain cleaner, this is not going to reach a clog that is deep in your system. Professional drain cleaning technicians can reach a deep clog, while simple drain cleaner won't take care of the problem. Trying a second bottle of drain cleaner will only cause damage to your pipes without removing the clog completely. If drain cleaner doesn't work the first time, contact drain cleaning services to fix the problem.

How to Handle Problems with Several Drains

A localized clog causes one drain to move slowly. A clog deep in your main sewer line can impact every drain in your home. If you notice that more than one drain is slow, you need professional help to figure out what is going on. Tree roots can grow into the system, causing a major clog if they aren't removed. If you don't get the drain cleaned, the clog can become too big. This would cause wastewater to flow back up into your home through your drains and toilet.

How to Address a Toilet that Bubbles When Flushing

You might hear gurgling noises or see bubbles when you flush your toilet. This is an indication that something is wrong with your drain. Clogs cause air pockets to form, which will bubble to the surface when you flush the toilet. Strange noises coming from your toilet when you flush it should always be investigated.

Drain cleaning services can keep your wastewater moving in the right direction. Strange odors or slow-moving drains are both good reasons to contact a cleaning service. Schedule drain cleaning every other year, and your home plumbing system will be in great shape throughout the year.

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