4 Things You'l Want Out Of Your Next A/C System

Finding a new A/C system isn't easy, but with the summer season soon to make its grand entrance, now is the time to finalize your cooling system purchase. If you don't know where to start, consider these basic attributes while you shop for your next system.

1. Correct Sizing

Size definitely matters when it comes to your A/C replacement. A/C units come in a wide variety of capacities, but it takes the right size to deliver optimal cooling comfort without creating discomfort or wasted energy. Oversized A/C systems can cause moisture problems that lead to constant dampness and mold growth. Undersized A/C systems constantly struggle to keep your home cool, resulting in increased wear and tear, along with the possibility of sudden and catastrophic breakdowns.

Every home is unique when it comes to its cooling needs, which is why your next A/C system requires proper sizing to match your home's precise cooling demands. A Manual J load calculation performed by your HVAC contractor offers the best way to size up your new A/C system.

2. High SEER

Not only do you want your next A/C system to be the right size for your home, but it should also be as efficient as possible. Fortunately, the seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER makes it easy to find the most efficient A/C system for your budget. Most modern A/C systems start out with a minimum 14 SEER rating. The higher the SEER rating, the greater the unit's energy efficiency.

Choosing an A/C system with a high SEER rating can help you save money on cooling costs over the long term. However, the most common tradeoff is usually the upfront cost of energy-efficient A/C systems.

3. Advanced Features

In addition to having an efficient A/C system, you'll also want one that offers the latest features. When choosing your next A/C system, look for advanced features such as smart thermostats and variable-speed fans. These features not only aid in overall comfort, but you'll also save energy and enjoy a quieter experience with your new A/C system.

4. Proven Longevity

It's not enough to have an A/C system that offers excellent performance under even the hottest of summer days. You'll also want a system that offers that level of performance year after year. If you want to get the most out of your A/C system, choose one that offers proven reliability and longevity. Your trusted HVAC technician can offer solid advice on which systems stand the test of time with flying colors.

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