3 Easy Ways To Avoid Common AC Unit Repairs

No matter what type of AC unit your home has, it's important to take good care of it. Only then can you avoid a lot of common and expensive repairs. Even if you're not an HVAC expert, you can have success with AC maintenance thanks to these simple steps.

Inspect the Air Filter 

When the air filter gets too dirty, it can't keep debris and other particles from entering your HVAC system. It is thus more susceptible to overheating and suffering major damage. For this reason, you need to keep a close eye on this part to make sure it's adequately clean.

After locating the filter housing unit, take the filter out and hold it in some light. If no light passes through, the filter is too dirty. You'll thus need to find a suitable replacement. You have a lot of options today, but you need to make sure you choose the appropriate filter size. Otherwise, the filter won't fit inside the housing unit.

Make Sure Your Unit is Charged  

If your AC unit gets low on coolant, the evaporator coil outside could freeze up. You need to address this issue quickly before this coil suffers irreversible damage. For this problem, your AC unit needs to be charged (adding more coolant). 

This step should always be done by a licensed HVAC technician, as not only is it illegal for you to do so, you could cause more damage to your system by adding the wrong coolant. An HVAC specialist knows exactly what coolant to bring out and can make sure your system gets filled up to the correct levels. 

Keep Outside Unit Clean 

The outside unit, often referred to as the condenser unit, is susceptible to getting dirty. When this happens, integral parts could stop working. That's why you need to make an effort to always keep this unit clean. 

You should clear out any brush and leaves that are collecting near your unit. Once these are removed, consider setting up a small fence to create a protective perimeter. You'll then have a much easier time keeping your unit clean. You also need to open up this unit and remove whatever dirt and debris have collected inside.

The AC unit is such a pivotal appliance in your home to maintain on a consistent basis, particularly during the summer months. With the right steps and a consistent schedule, you can avoid a lot of AC repairs that drive many homeowners crazy. 

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