4 Air Conditioning Repairs That Need To Be Done Over The Winter Months Before Spring

Repairing your air conditioner is probably something that you must go through every summer. There are major repairs that need to be done to keep your AC cooling throughout the summer months, and minor repairs that need to be done to improve performance and energy efficiency. Some of these repairs and improvements are going to need to be done during the winter months when you are not using your AC. Here are some of the air conditioner repairs and improvements that need to be done over the winter months:

1. Doing Major Upgrades And Replacements During Winter

The winter is the best time to consider major upgrades to your AC. If you have an outdated AC that needs a lot of costly repairs every summer, now is a great time to consider having it replaced. In addition, if you are thinking about energy-efficient upgrades for your HVAC, such as installing a heat pump AC, geothermal system, or other renewable energy heating and cooling solutions for your home.

2. Updating Duct Work And Insulation For Efficient HVAC

You will also want to improve the duct work of your AC during the winter months. This is a time when you are less likely to have problems with water and pests that cause damage to ducts. In addition, it is also a good time to upgrade ducts with more efficient insulation materials that help reduce energy loss of your HVAC system. If you use your HVAC for heating and cooling, you may want to do the improvements to ducts in autumn before you need your heating.

3. Small AC Wiring Repairs That Need To Be Done Before Spring

Over the summer months, there may also be problems with wiring that can be damaged over the summer months when you use your AC. This is common in areas like the AC condensing unit outside, which is exposed to the elements and pest outdoors. Have your AC inspected and repaired by an AC professional to ensure minor wear and damage will not cause you problems next summer.

4. Upgrading Existing Thermostats For Better Performance And Efficiency

The thermostat is another area where you may want to consider doing improvements before next spring. Having a modern programmable thermostat will help improve energy efficiency and the overall performance of your system. This is something that can usually be done quickly, so it can be done in winter, spring, summer, or fall.

These are some of the AC repairs and improvements that you will want to have fewer problems next spring when you start preparing for summer. If you need help with winter AC repairs and improvements, contact a professional AC repair service. Companies like Dale and Lee's Service Inc for more help.

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