How Can You Tell If Your AC Isn't Getting Enough Power?

Your central air conditioner, if installed correctly, should have no issue keeping your home as cool and comfortable as you want it. However, some faulty moves can be made during installation that will render your home cooling system far less functional than it should be. One thing that often happens if a skilled professional does not install the central air system is there can be a shortage of electrical power to the unit. This happens because of wiring mistakes or not connecting the unit to a large enough breaker to handle the electrical load. Here are a few signs that your central air conditioner is not getting the proper amount of electrical power. 

The air conditioner seems to lag when it is running.  

Your air conditioner kicks on as it should, but when it does, there is an odd lagging that makes it sound like the system isn't running properly. Plus, the air coming through the vents is not as strong as it should be. This is a trademark sign that there is not enough power to the air conditioning system. The AC is working really hard to pull enough energy for all of the parts of the operation, so this kind of problem could definitely cause you to actually use more energy to cool your house. 

The air conditioner constantly throws a breaker when it kicks on. 

If your central cooling system is throwing a breaker every time it comes on, it means the breaker it is connected to is not large enough to carry the amount of power that the AC needs to operate. Unfortunately, this can mean that your air conditioning system is pretty much useless until you get the wiring checked out and the proper breaker installed by either an electrician or an HVAC specialist. 

The air conditioner shuts down without warning when your home is still warm. 

Most central cooling systems are designed to shut down automatically if there is a shortage of proper electrical current to the system. If the breaker doesn't throw, the system may simply shut down mid-operation, even if the house has not reached the proper temperature designation you have set on the thermostat. If your air conditioning system is shutting down without warning, it is imperative that you shut off the breaker and have a professional come check out the system to find out what the problem is. 

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