Cold War-Drobe: What To Do If One Room Won't Warm Up

It is puzzling when your heat seems to be working everywhere in the house except for one room. It can take a while to realize that just one room is not heating appropriately. You and your family may need to walk into a room a few times before you realize that the temperature is lower than the rest of the home. If this is going on in your home, you will need to fix the problem plus make sure that it does not start to spread. When you are dealing with one room that isn't heating, here are a few steps to take to solve the problem. 

Open the door and seal the windows

If one of the rooms that is having an issue with heating is typically closed, open up the door. This will allow the warm air to flow through and warm up the temperature of the room. One of the main culprits of a room temperature decreasing is the windows not being properly sealed. Be sure that the windows are pulled all the way down and locked. If there is still a small breeze coming through, purchase sealant to make sure that the windows close firmly. 

Clean out the vents

The room vents may have dust or other obstruction that makes it difficult for the air to push through. If your vents have dust bunnies in front, this can block some of the hot air flow. Open up the vents in the cold room to determine if it could use a good cleaning. If the vents are dirty throughout the house, have an HVAC repair firm, such as Soco Air Conditioning, come to help with curing any of the issues that the dusty vents have caused. Now is also a good time to get your vent filter replaced so that your system is running at optimal levels. 

Use a heating blanket

In order to not disturb the temperature of the room, you can add a heated blanket so that anyone inside of the space has a way to keep warm. Portable heaters make it difficult to test out if the room ventilation system is working, so they should not be used while hvac repair is happening. A heated blanket can be plugged into the wall and placed on the bed or sofa so that room occupants are not uncomfortable despite the temperature changes. Be sure to test out the blanket heat settings first, to make sure they are set to a comfortable temperature. 

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