When Does An Old Home Need A/C Services?

Heating Ventilation and air-conditioning is a system most new homes have. However, some old homes may still be stuck on having the systems for their heating and air-conditioning separately. An HVAC system once serviced by a heating and cooling contractor can actually last a pretty long time; anywhere between fifteen to twenty years especially if it is serviced and maintained. If you have an old house and want to get air conditioning, then you should read this article to find out more about when your home will need ac services, especially if your heating is separate.

When the Heating System Fails

If your heating system fails and the technician recommends that you need to get a new one installed, rather than having a separate system for heating and air-conditioning, maybe it is time to consider getting an HVAC system installed. It is expensive but it comes with air-conditioning. So, if you don't have an air-condition already it may be a good idea to make the sacrifice to get an HVAC system. Kill several birds with one stone, right? And of course, the heating and cooling contractor would help you find the perfect system and within a budget.

When the Window A/C fails

A lot of older houses actually still have window units that they put out and on for the summer as the heat gets more intolerable. But window units make give up sometimes after years of use and lack of service. If you can't afford to get a new unit, you can service the window unit; get it gassed and have the filters changed. You can also have them check for leaks. But if you have some money and the dripping action and noise annoy you, you can swap out the window unit for a room unit or even consider central air. Though, central air may mean that you'd have to modify the house.

During off Seasons

Of seasons will probably be around spring, especially just as winter comes to an end. It gives the contractor more time to work on you're a/c especially if you don't have the necessary infrastructure and you are more likely to get a discount, as they may not be as busy and may be in need of the business. The price difference between contractors wouldn't usually be radical, so you can probably choose the contractor with the best reviews and one who would give you guarantees and warranties. It is not exactly rocket science, but your money is being spent, so you want to make the best decisions.

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