4 Things You Need To Do Before Turning On The AC

When summer is approaching, you are anticipating the need to start running the AC. You might possibly prepare by getting ready to pay a higher energy bill during the summer months. However, you should be doing more than just this. Here are four other things you should be doing before turning the AC on for the summer:

  1. Decide if You Need a New AC: If your air conditioning unit is more than ten years old, you should definitely consider having it replaced. Otherwise, you are going to most likely come to a point where you are paying too much for your energy bill or your AC completely gives out on you, thus leaving you with air during the most crucial time of the year. Have it inspected and go over with a professional whether or not it's time so that you are making the wisest investment choice. 
  2. Change the Air Filter: The first thing that you should always do is change the air filter. Doing this is important because it's going to ensure that the air flow automatically functions properly assuming nothing else is wrong. Even when the AC has been turned off for months, lots of dust and debris can accumulate on the air filter, which is why this is so important. 
  3. Clean the Condenser: The condenser, especially after the winter season is going to be dirty and in need of cleaning. If the condenser remains dirty, it's going to prevent proper inflow and outflow. When this happens, you are unable to run the AC efficiently. Be sure that you remove the grill and wipe down the fans that have accumulated dust on them. You should also remove all loose leaves and other debris from the exterior and hose it done gently, as well. Just be sure that the power is off when you are doing this since water and electricity do not mix safely. 
  4. Check the Refrigerant Lines: Finally, you are going to want to check the refrigerant lines. There's a chance that there could be a leak that you were not aware of. If you repair this before turning the AC on, you can be sure that the AC functions properly right away and that the leak does not cause excessive problems that can be more expensive to repair in the future. 

When you do these four things before turning the AC on for the summer, you can be sure that you get it done right are efficiently running your AC, which is better for the comfort of your home and your wallet. Contact a company like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc. for more information and assistance. 

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