Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning is a luxury and one that is often not appreciated until it goes out. A hot summer day without air conditioning can seem like a day in the flames of the devil himself. So, you want to make sure that your air conditioning works all through those hot summer days. Unfortunately, with the increased use during the summer, this is usually the time when the air conditioner will go out. There are a few things that you can do that will help keep the air conditioner running properly through the summer. Here are just a few simple tasks that any homeowner can do to keep their air conditioning system up and running:

Vacuum The Air Ducts

It is suggested that you have your air ducts professionally cleaned at least every other year. However, you can take a high powered vacuum and vacuum out the air ducts a few times a year, and it will significantly decrease the amount of debris in your air ducts. Think about a blood clot and how much pressure and stress it puts on the body and the heart. This is exactly the type of stress that blocked air ducts can put on an air conditioning system. That pressure makes it much more likely that the system will have problems. 

Change The Filters

The system needs to be clean at all times, and that is why there is a filter that protects the air conditioning system. However, over time the filter can get packed with different debris. It is important that the filter is changed on a regular basis, or it could allow debris to enter the air conditioning system. This would make it much more likely to have major problems. The good news is that filters are inexpensive and easy to change out. Every system is a little bit different, but the instructions on will be very self-explanatory.

Air Compressor

An integral part of the air conditioning system is the air compressor. The compressor is outside and allows for coolant to run through coils to cool down the air and push it into the home. If the compressor is not level, then the coolant is not going to be able to flow properly. So, ensure that the compressor is level. You also want the compressor to have free flowing air at all times, so it is important that all debris is cut back from the unit. 

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