The Benefits Of Central Air Conditioning Installation

You may be considering making the switch from portable air conditioners to a central air conditioning unit, but are concerned about the initial cost. However, you can actually save money and power by replacing your old window air conditioners with a new central unit.

What does installing a central air conditioning system entail?

The cost of the unit will depend on the size of your home, as well as other variables such as the energy efficiency rating of the unit and the climate in your area.

You will need an area outside your home for a concrete slab to be poured, just large enough for a base for the air conditioning unit. The unit will then need to be connected to your furnace through piping that will provide chilled air.

An electrician will be needed to make the final connections to provide the switch from warm to cool air at the thermostat.

How is central air conditioning superior to portable units?

The most obvious benefit of central air is that it cools any area that is reached by your current ductwork. If your heating ducts reach every area of your home, your entire house will be serviced by a central air unit. You can also shut off vents to avoid cooling seldom used rooms and save money.

The second most obvious (and welcome) benefit is the access to air conditioning by a turn of the thermostat, instead of lugging window units or portable air conditioners out of their storage spaces and into place in or around windows. Taking window units out at summer's end adds an extra bonus of accumulated condensation water that invariably pours onto the unfortunate soul whose has the duty of installing and removing these beasts of summer.

Floor model portable air conditioners are slightly more pleasant to install, because they only require the use of large ghosts to be installed in window frames. However, they are much less efficient than either window units or central air systems. Many portable air conditioning units require the installation of one or more separate electrical circuits to prevent circuit  breakers from tripping every time a compressor kicks on and a power surge occurs.

The annual ritual of installing and removing window units also takes a toll on window frames, leaving some metal or vinyl frames bent or scratched. Dripping water from condensation can also result in damage to wooden window frames and interior walls if window units are not pitched properly.

Do yourself a favor and take the plunge to central air conditioning, like from Pristine Air Conditioning Corp. Your home (and your back) will thank you for it

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