Heating Pump Issues You Might Be Able To Handle Before Calling Your HVAC Contractor

Heating pumps are great for both cooling and heating the house throughout the year. Because you might need it on any day, you'll want it to be functional at all times. If you turn it on and it doesn't work well, you might immediately want to call a contractor. First, though, you can try these suggestions for common pump issues.

No Power

When the pump isn't operating at all, it's easy to just assume that the pump is broken. However, that is just one of the possibilities. Before you reach for the phone to call an expert, check your home's control panel to see if somehow one of the circuits was tripped. You might just need to toggle the switch that powers your heating pump in order to get things working again. If you find that this happens a lot, you might need to get in touch with an electrician to ensure that your wiring can handle the electric load.

Another thing which could affect whether the pump powers on is the thermostat, not the heat pump itself. You may need a new one, or it could just need a new battery. Pop a new battery in and see if that helps. If not, you could need a professional.

Low Airflow

Another issue that could arise when using the heat pump is that the flow of air is diminished. While there are some pump issues which could cause low air flow, such as malfunctioning valves, the trouble could be much more easily fixed by examining air filters. Filters that have not been cleaned and have a great deal of dust buildup on them could be the culprit.

Rattling Noises

You might already know that sounds coming from your appliances is usually a sign that something is wrong. However, if the sound you're hearing is rattling, the problem could be an easy one to resolve. The next time you hear rattling, head outside to look at the HVAC unit; more specifically, pay close attention to all the screws holding the unit in place. One loose screw could cause that sound you're hearing, and all that might have to happen is that you tighten it so that the sound stops. If you ensure the screws are tightened and still hear some noise when the heating pump is operating, that's when you may need an expert's help. The problem could be that one of the registers is loose or that one of the ducts isn't in place.

After attempting the solutions above, you might end up resolving the issue without needing a professional. However, if you find that exhausting the tips doesn't help you out, contact one of the HVAC contractors in town to have them assess the pump situation and make repairs as needed.

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