4 Plumbing Features to Add During Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

Living in an old house with an old, outdated kitchen can be frustrating, and this might be one of the reasons you have decided to remodel this entire room. When you remodel, there are some tasks you may want to accomplish that will require a plumber. Here are several different features you may want to consider adding to your kitchen that a plumber could assist you with.

Ice Maker & Water Dispenser in Your Fridge

If your current refrigerator does not make ice or dispense water, buying a new refrigerator and installing a water line is something you may want to do during your kitchen renovations. Most new refrigerators come with ice makers and many have water dispensers, and having these features on your refrigerator can make your life easier.

To connect an ice maker and water dispenser, your plumber will simply need to tap into your water supply and connect a line that runs to your refrigerator. This is not hard to do, and it is not a costly upgrade to add to a kitchen remodeling project.

Water Line to Your Coffee Pot

Another great idea to consider doing is adding a water line to your coffee pot. If you drink coffee every single day, you may get tired of having to fill up the pot each time you want to brew a pot of coffee. There is an easy solution for this, though. Hire your plumber to install a water line that runs directly to your coffee pot. With a water line running to your coffee pot, you will never again have to fill up your pot with water. The water will automatically fill up the reservoir for you when needed.

If you decide to do this, you should talk to your plumber to find out if your existing coffee pot could be used for this. If not, you may need to invest in a new coffee maker. You should also look at the quality of your water. If your water is hard or full of minerals, you may want to ask the plumber if you should get some type of water purification system. By getting a system to clean your water, you will have better water quality, and your water lines will not get clogged as easily.

Garbage Disposal

If your home doesn't already have a garbage disposal, now is the time to finally get one. Buying a garbage disposal is very affordable; however, you will need to hire a plumber to install it for you. Once you get one, you should make sure you learn how to use it properly to avoid damaging it or clogging up your pipes or septic system. For example, there are certain things you should not place in the disposal. This can include bones, egg shells, and coffee grounds. If you use your disposal properly, it should last a very long time.

Farmhouse Sink

Adding a farmhouse sink is also something you may want to consider. Farmhouse sinks are one of the newest types of sinks available today, and they are very unique in appearance. The main difference between a regular sink and a farmhouse sink is the way a farmhouse sink protrudes out from the cabinets. This type of sink will create a nice focal point in your kitchen, and it is a style that blends with most kitchen designs.

Remodeling a kitchen is a wonderful event in life, and it offers a chance to modernize this vital room in many different ways. To discover other types of plumbing features you might like, contact a local plumber in your area. 

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